1.   PEMF refers to wellness devices based on Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Field technology.

2.   PEMF devices operating at the Schumann resonance of 7.83 Hz were first used by early astronauts and cosmonauts in the 1960s to counter the ill effects (physical, mental, and emotional) and the 80% bone loss encountered on long stays in orbit, where there was insufficient Earth electromagnetic energy to maintain proper cellular activity for the human body.  As it turns out, at our core, we are energy beings, and we need energy to rejuvenate!

3.   PEMF worked so well in space, that Governments were soon running PEMF experiments back on Earth, and, due to the excellent results achieved, the PEMF Industry was born.

4.   Within time, it was learned from clinical studies that electromagnetic energy is so vital to the body, that it assists  with over 200 conditions, including Anti-aging, Circulation, Energy, Pain, Sleep, and Tissue and Bone Repair.

5.   As an exclamation point to just how important PEMF energy is to the human body, researchers have placed human subjects in Mu metal cages that block electromagnetic energy.  Within minutes, they started sobbing, saying they felt like they were “falling apart” emotionally, and minutes later had to be yanked out of the cage before they had a heart attack.  This teaches us that, while oxygen is at the top of the “need to stay alive list”, electromagnetic energy is a close 2nd, well ahead of water (days) and food (weeks).

6.   PEMF, as a wellness modality, has virtually no side effects.  The reason for this is that humans, and all other living creatures, evolved within the Earth’s low frequency, low intensity, electromagnetic field.  Thus, Earth-type electromagnetic is not something alien to the human body, but rather something that the body expects, needs, and is completely comfortable around.

7.   Now that you know that PEMF is so important to human wellness and repair, which PEMF device do you get?

8.   First, you want a PEMF device with a full-body Mat, not one that only covers a local body part, eg. the knee.  After all, if any part of your body is in trouble, it gets your whole attention!

9.   Second, you want a PEMF device that is “organic”, ie. one whose frequencies and intensities stay within the Earth’s natural parameters.  This means a max carrier frequency of 25 Hz and a max intensity of 70 microTesla (uT).

10.   Third, you want a PEMF device that offers the Square Wave on one or more of its applicators.  Why?  NASA found that the Square Wave was the only energy that was able to regenerate nerve tissue that was refractory to repair.  Even more Star Trek, they also found the Square Wave was able to up-regulate (normalize) each of the many dysregulatory genes they studied!

11.   The only PEMF unit in the world that meets all 3 of these criteria is the iMRS.  This probably explains why it has been the best-selling PEMF unit in the world for over 15 years.

12.   Finally, what is good equipment without a good trainer to teach you all the tricks to getting good results?  To get a full-time iMRS Trainer that has trained thousands of people, including MDs, DCs, and other practitioners, call Greg @ 415-209-9320 ( Mon-Sun, 8-6 PST ) -or- go to